Thinking of Selling?

Before You List, Consider Sam!




You may choose from a boutique of various real estate service packages at different rates, starting from 2.99% (increasing scale)* – join our “Client Quarters” and discover what tools, systems and advantages we provide you with when selling with us.


We consistently have the best purchaser database in the area, delivering our clients a nationwide and international audience.*


Compare our marketing approach to others: We deliver the most comprehensive, professional marketing tools and combine the most up to date technological methods with tried and true methods, every time.


The ‘Sam Jia’s Real Estate Selling System’ is specifically designed to provide our clients with a premium result. This system includes, but is definitely not limited to, Auction.*


Our community is your community! Sam is committed to providing a complete service to the community. Our team members are all local. Where possible we use local tradespeople. And we love sponsoring local clubs and organisations!

Consider Sam when selling your property – your trusted local real estate professional, prepared and tailored for you.


* Some further explanation is required here. Please call on me at (905)940-3599 or email me at; and we will happily explain in full!



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