The Ultimate Home Inspection Check List: What To Look For On Your Final Walkthrough

imageThe final walkthrough is the last step of the house buying process before you actually get the keys and move in. This is your opportunity to ensure that the house you are buying, as you saw it during your showings, is exactly the house you’re going to get – and that you’ll get the house in the agreed upon condition. On your final walkthrough, it’s vital that you do a thorough home inspection in order to spot any potential issues before the closing paperwork. Use this handy checklist on your final walkthrough to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

The Items You Purchased With The House

On your final walkthrough, bring the original contract of purchase and sale to act as a reference point for what you purchased along with the home. Common items can include kitchen appliances like the stove or refrigerator, as well as a microwave, washer, dryer, light fixtures, drapes or other window coverings, hot tub, and sometimes furnishings and electronics. Ensure that all of these items have been left in the home, and that they are all functioning and in the condition they were when you decided to make the purchase.

Changes In The Home’s Condition

Because water damage, along with other forms of damage, can occur at any time, you want to ensure that the home itself is in the same condition as it was when you decided to purchase it. Check for new water damage and mold, and pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen area. Look closely around windows, as well as inside cabinets and around water pipes. Be thorough and look for any new damage to floors, walls, ceilings, handrails and other fixtures. Don’t forget to check that the alarm/security systems, intercom, garage door openers, and doorbell are working as well.

Check For Plumbing Problems

There can sometimes be problems or disappointments in a home’s plumbing, especially when it isn’t checked upon the final walkthrough. Run each faucet. Check how fast the water heats up as well as the water pressure, and ensure that each toilet in the house in flushing properly. You can run bathtub faucets and showers to ensure they are functioning and draining properly. Taking this step will also ensure that you are made aware of any possible leaks in the home’s plumbing lines.

Check The Home’s Electric Fixtures

Ensure that each electric component of the house is functioning properly. Turn on lights and make sure they are working, and check each electric outlet as well as the circuit breaker box. If you’re buying an older home, check each of the fuses and the surrounding area inside the fuse box. Check the voltage and current ratings of each fuse. Record these details and store them in a safe place. Make sure any wires in or around the fuse box are properly insulated and taped. You should also ensure that each appliance that involves electricity is functioning properly as well. This is often as simple as being thorough and ensuring the power is connected properly, and the appliances are turning on.


As long as you are thorough in your final inspection of the home, you are very likely to be pleased with everything once you move in. With a trusted real estate agent by your side, you can easily obtain a lengthy final walkthrough checklist and additional advice that will ensure you receive exactly the home you bargained for.

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