Deck Out Your Backyard


Summer will soon swing into gear and that means more time outside enjoying friends, family and fun.

For many homeowners, the deck provides a great platform for backyard BBQs, pool parties and more.

Today’s homeowners, especially first-time buyers, are taking a great deal of pride in their outside living area, and are investing in quality products to ensure longevity and improve design. Many decks are more than just a patio with furniture; they often incorporate recreation areas, hot tubs and pools and have become a place where families are spending more and more of their time.

Whether you’re considering selling your home, or simply want to spruce up your outside space, the deck is a great place to make low-cost improvements that add curb appeal and set your property apart from others in your neighborhood.

Here are a few tips to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Check out your neighbors’ backyards. The best way to ensure you are able to recoup some money from your initial investment is to be competitive with other homes’ decks.
  • Choose a deck finish wisely. Clear deck finishes provide adequate protection, and typically need to be redone as often as every year. Oil-based finishes provide longer-lasting protection, however many homeowners think the tinted version hide the natural beauty of the wood. There are quite a few options and you’ll want to investigate before investing in your final finish.

If you’re not prepared for a DIY deck project, hire a professional. A good REALTOR® can provide you with names of several contractors in your area that they trust and would recommend to any of their clients.

Should you decide to hire a contractor to build your dream deck, do your homework first before hiring anyone. Not sure how to select the right contractor? Go to this link: to learn more about selecting the right contractor for you!

Contact me, your trusted local real estate professional, who can get you a referral of high quality with experience and integrity. Call me at (905)940-3599 or email me at today!


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