End of Summer Labor Day Getaways

As summer draws to a close and the new school year looms, many families look to enjoy one more summer getaway on Labor Day.

While it’s fun to see summer out with a bang, it can also mean crowds at popular destinations and overpriced hotels.  Enjoy a great Labor Day weekend with these simple tips.


Book In Advance

Hotels can book up fast for holiday weekends, so if that’s your goal be sure to shop around in advance.  Last minute rates can also be higher than when you find a place early, so plan that end of summer weekend early in the summer to get the best deal.

The same goes for vacation rentals; this is a big weekend for them.  Book ahead of time to ensure your choice of locations.

Consider Alternate Locations

While many people head to the beach to enjoy the last days of summer, you may find fewer crowds in somewhat less popular destinations.  Head to the mountains to enjoy a peaceful spot by a stream, or choose a backwoods camping spot.

Another way to enjoy your Labor Day is to try the city.  While many are headed out of town for the weekend you can enjoy visiting another city while the locals clear out one last time.

The Best Labor Day Weather

The end of August is still incredibly hot in many destinations such as Florida and California.  The weather is at its best, on the other hand, in the Pacific Northwest.  Check out the beaches of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada.  You will find them far less crowded and the temperatures more comfortable than farther south.

Temperatures are also starting to cool on East coast beaches in the New England area, but you may still find them crowded on Labor Day.

Festival Fun

Many cities and small towns have great Labor Day celebrations to send summer out with a bang.  If some action on your last summer weekend is what you want, check out a local festival or try a smaller town where the festivities are a manageable size and so are the hotel rates.

Many state and county fairs are also running through this time, so check what’s on before you pick a destination.

The perfect Labor Day getaway simply requires a small amount of planning and attention to the weather forecast.  Say goodbye to summer this year with a weekend in the sun that meets all of your expectations and fits your budget as well.

Feel free to give me, your trusted local real estate professional, a call at (905)940-3599 or email me at info@samjia.com for more information.




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