Legal and Security Issues Regarding In-Home Services


Many of us don’t give a second thought to hiring housekeeping, house-sitting, or dog-walking services and often turn over our keys to these “strangers” so they can have easy access to our homes. Have you ever stopped to consider the risks?

You could be liable if one of these workers is injured in your home while completing job duties.

Alternatively, your pet could become injured due to neglectful behavior by its sitter. You may even be in a position where you suspect that something valuable is missing from your home, but have no recourse for recovering it or receiving compensation.

To avoid such possibilities, experts recommend that homeowners hire such services from a professional, registered business, that can verify the extent of its liability coverage, either through the company’s insurance policy or in accordance with an agreed-upon contract that relieves you of certain liabilities.

At the very least, ask that your hire is bonded to protect you, and check with your home insurance policy to ensure that you are protected as well.

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