Touch-Free Credit and Debit Cards – Are They Safe?


With their use expanding quickly, this is an opportune time to consider whether the newest “tap” or “flash” debit and credit cards are truly secure.

These cards, called RFID cards, for “Radio Frequency Identification”, send a code to a retailer’s “reader” when you agree to make a purchase.

The information is sent via an encrypted signal, which can only be reused once at most. For added security, these cards may be kept in a shield or sleeve that blocks radio waves until you take your card out.

Wallets are now available with specific RFID card holders. Some security experts suggest that “tapping” is much safer than inserting your card and entering your PIN number in front of would-be thieves who want to access your information on the sly.

Check with your credit card company to see if they provide RFID cards. If so, you might want to consider changing or upgrading your present card to a RFID card. It may help protect you better from identity thieves.

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