Be Mindful of Your Home’s Drinking Water Quality


Despite the fact that municipally supplied water is tested regularly for safety and quality, it’s not a bad idea to check your own water supply at least once a year.

Water contamination can occur anywhere along the way to your drinking glass, even in your own water pipes. Of course, in addition to toxic or poisonous contaminants – which users of private wells are bound to monitor regularly – individuals might also be concerned about water hardness, or common elements such as chlorine or fluoride.

Whether you live in a house or a condo, you should at least know the source of your water, and how to confirm its quality. To satisfy your concerns, you can buy a testing kit, or check if your public health office will test your sample for you.

If, instead, you choose to purchase your drinking water, either in bottles or from a service company, make sure that it too, is tested regularly.

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