The Vocabulary of Paint


Latex or oil-based? Satin or glossy? Choosing the right paint isn’t as simple as it might seem. Here are the basics:

Latex. A very versatile paint that looks great on wood or just about any other surface. Because it’s water-based, clean-up is easy. The only drawback is that it’s a little less durable and less water-resistant than oil-based paints.

Flat finish. Once dry, this paint has little or no reflective properties. Great for covering up imperfections.

Satin finish. This finish provides a soft sheen, like an eggshell. In fact, it’s often called an eggshell finish!

Gloss and semi-gloss. These are more reflective and durable. They are often used in heavy wear areas, such as kitchens.

Primer. There are many different kinds. Their main purpose is to prepare the surface so that the final paint goes on smoothly and adheres well. They can also be used to cover up existing paint where the colour might otherwise show through.

Paint manufacturers and home improvement stores do a great job of educating buyers on the right type of paint to use. Read the available literature. Ask questions.

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