Use Apps to Envision and Plan Changes to Your Home


Smartphone apps assist us in many ways, but homeowners may appreciate them most when embarking on a renovation project.

From wall measurements to colour experimentation, there’s a wide range of apps to help simplify tasks and foresee outcomes before you begin.

For example, your phone can calculate the square footage of an irregular room’s floor and walls to help calculate required quantities of supplies, or it can act as a level and a plumb – ideal for hanging pictures or building walls.

You can also take photos of items and store them in special files for reference, or search curated products of interest, and find out where to purchase them. In fact, there’s even an app that uses your phone’s GPS locator to track the position of the sun from dawn to dusk and season to season.

This obviously would be of enormous benefit if you were planning the footprint for new construction, but also useful in planning new window locations, and deciding where to plant trees so they can provide shade for energy savings. In addition, it can guide decisions for positioning of supplementary lighting, original artwork, worktables and big screen monitors.

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